17, June, 2024

Episode 212: Sip and Share: Tales from The Seven Sisters Pub in Toulouse

Welcome to another episode of English Podcasts the podcast where we unravel the secrets to understanding natural English conversation.

Your hosts Chris and Sue today talk to Paul, the co-owner of The Seven Sisters Pub in Toulouse France.

Today, we’re diving into the world of business and hospitality with the story of Paul, who came to France and ended up in the beautiful sity of Toulouse, running a pub – was it a good idea?

Listen in and find out.

Sounds good – then listen or watch the Youtube video to find out more… and please subscribe to our channel on Youtube ????????


Listen to some of the language used as paul talks to Chris and Sue about starting a business in France with all of the ups and downs.

How much of a challenge is it?

What are the highlights and what really works in an English pub in Toulouse, France?

Recap & Takeaways

This may be a challenge as the podcast was recorded in the Seven Sisters Pub in Toulouse, France on a normal day, with custoemrs in the pub and background music playing.

Find out how Paul ended up running hiw own pub along with his associates and what do they have planned in the future.

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