After listening to the podcast in which Chris tests Susan's ability to identify famous people just from their star sign, check your comprehension with these questions. 

Susan is a beginner to astrology so she says she's on a "learning curve", sometimes she's spot on and other times she's way off the mark  !

Chris is very skeptical and doesn't believe in this way of predicting the future at all. 

Whose side are you on ? Either way, it's a great way to learn new vocabulary !


LIBRA: According to Susan, what is one of the main character traits of people born between September 24th and October 23rd?

GEMINI: What does this star symbol represent?

LEO: Susan is a Leo, what did she say was one of the good aspects of this star sign?

VIRGO: Chris is a Virgo and only wanted to hear the good character traits ! What are they?

PISCES: Why was Sue surprised about the character traits associated with the person that Chris had selected as a famous Pisces.  

TAURUS: Both Susan and Chris agree that Queen Elizabeth II represents the strengths of a Taurus. However, one of the weaknesses is being stubborn. Which word did they use to change this negative point into a positive point.

CAPRICORN: Susan says that one of the negative character traits of this star sign is being "condescending". What does this mean? 

CANCER: Susan says that people born under this sign are "pretty moody". What type of person is she talking about ?

SAGITTARIUS: Chris said that Walt Disney was a famous Sagittarius but Susan's description is way off the mark. Why?

AQUARIUS: Susan was pretty spot on with her choice of job for this sign..... President of the United States. But she chose the wrong one !  Who did Chris have in mind?

ARIES: Susan got this one completely wrong and she said she needed to go back to the drawing board. What was the problem?

SCORPIO: Why does Chris say he is skeptical about the strengths of a Scorpio?

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