03, March, 2024

Episode 209: Ten tips to stop translating when you speak English

Welcome to another episode of English Podcasts the podcast where we unravel the secrets to mastering English.

I’m your host Chris, and today, we’ve got a gem of a topic: “How to Speak Directly in English Without Translating.”

In this podcast we talk about the problems that many learners of English face – translating in your head into your own language when listening and speaking English. If you feel tired when speaking or listening to English after a certain time, this could be you.

Don’t worry we have ten actionable tips that you can use to avoid this and to feel less tired, increase the fluidity, accuracy and ease of your English and help you improve your English skills?

Sounds good – then listen or watch the Youtube video to find out more…


The problem faced by a lot of learners is that they often translate into their own language when speaking English ) which is a big barrier to fluency, fluidity and to actually progressing in a language.

If you think about it, sometimes when you are speaking English, you feel tired.

Well, it’s not a surprise if you translate as you are trying to accomplish at least two or three things at a time – translating into your own language, then translating it back into English, which causes a problem due to response time, accuracy of your response and also that most languages differ grammatically from English, which leaves it open to many mistakes.

Recap & Takeaways

Let’s see what you can do if you don’t translate -Stick around because I’ve got 10 fantastic tips coming your way. Let’s dive right in!

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