The Foods We miss from home part 2 – When living away from home, your tastes change and you learn to adapt to the local food and end up loving it in most cases.

That said, we can still miss some of the food from back home and from time to time, get a craving for those tastes.

Now, I’m not saying that French food is not good – far from it – but no matter how long you are away from home, you still may get a mad desire to eat the foods that you grew up with and this is the theme of today’s podcast.

You may even find that when you eventually get hold of the foods from back home.

You know the ones that you craved, they may have an anti-climax effect on you and you realise that your mind has been playing tricks on you and you don’t really like them as much as you thought you did.

When we first came to France, it was virtually impossible to find any of the food that we ate back in the UK, however, many are now available in bigger cities or where there is a concentration of expats.

At times when we cannot find the foods that we crave, we have the choice to either make them ourselves, where possible, or to substitue French foods for those that we miss.

Examples are making my own clotted cream – a long process, but well worth it!

Substituting ‘Poitrine fum√©’ for bacon and using Toulouse sausages in place of English sausages, for when you just cannot go without an English breakfast.

There are certain things that cannot be substituted though, such as Marmite – I mean nothing comes close – although some would question why anyone would seek out Marmite. As Brits, we also miss two favourite British meals ; Indian curry and Fish & Chips.

Fish and chips and curry are available in France, but sorry France, they’re not as good as back in the UK!

The first part is here

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