Take these lateral thinking tests and compare your brain power with your friends and family the results may just blow your mind.

Just remember 98% of people who take these tests come up with the same answer.

IQ Tests, Quizzes, Puzzles and personality tests are all the rage online these days. We spend lots of time trying to see how our minds stack up against those of our peers.

While there are certainly commonalities between people, no one brain is ever the same as another.

But have you ever wondered if your mind is normal or somehow different?

It’s a fairly common thought to wonder how your brain works in comparison to the brains of your peers.

Then try out these three lateral thinking tests to see how you stack up,

Take these memory challenges for understanding your mind even better.

So how did your brain stack up, Are you a genius have an average mind or a brain of a psychopath? Maybe you’re in that small percentage of people that thought of something else? But most likely you’re in the overwhelmingly high percentage of individuals when they take this test, which comes up with the same answers.

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Or test your family and friends

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