Winter words

Winter words

Ok, we are not quite into winter yet, it’s still autumn until 21 December.

There is a winter word hidden in the following sentences – can you find them?

For example: It’s now I need to go, not tomorrow. Answer, The word Snow.

Now you try.

  1. We went to the zoo, as it  gives free zebra rides on Saturdays.
  2. She thinks we ate Rachel’s chocolate cake.
  3. The mask at Eden park would look good in my office.
  4. Jane saw, in downtown Sydney, a coat she loved.
  5. The car from the hire company is dirty.
  6. Elodie is smitten, so she says to her friends.
  7. Chris led Geraldine into the garden.
  8. It’s now Mandela said, as he looked across the land.
  9. The mountains, the glen and the isle, etc. are covered by a fine mist this morning.
  10. Put that rifle down! Shouted the sergeant to the private.

Answers in the comments below.  😆

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