Where should you go on holiday in France?

Where should you go on holiday in France?

Let us give you a helping hand in choosing your French holiday destination.

We have devised 12 questions to help you decide from all the fantastic places in France where you should spend your holidays/vacation.

Of course it’s only a guide, you may have other ideas !

It should come as no surprise to know that France is the world’s most popular tourist destination. With 89 million visitors every year, France is a head and shoulders above Spain, which comes in second, receiving 82 million visitors per year. The number 3 spot goes to the USA with 78 million. These statistics confirm that France  has been the world’s first choice holiday destination for many years.


Well, you have a choice of mouthwatering food, medieval history, beaches, mountains, stunning landscapes, vineyards, wine, festivals and 44 UNESCO world heritage sites. 

So, how to choose where to go ? Try is fun quiz to give you some ideas.

Your holiday in France

Did you know that your personal tastes and interests reveal a lot about where you should holiday. Try this fun quiz about taking a vacation in France.  
The Tour de France; the Then and Now Quiz

The Tour de France; the Then and Now Quiz

The Tour de France is the most important bike race in the world which attracts a massive global audience.

Although the route changes every year, there is always a mixture of flat and mountain stages through the Alps and the Pyrenees, with classic stages which have become part of history.

The time trial stages are exciting as they are the ones which help to sort out the best riders from the others. 

The finishing line is on the Champs Elysee in Paris after 21 intense stages.

The riders work as a team to ensure that they have one of their riders winning either the yellow, green, white and/or spotted jersey. 

Since the beginning of this iconic race there has been a mass of folklore and fascinating history emanating from it. The spectators who spend hours waiting on the side of the road are also an important part of the scene, often wearing fancy dress as they cheer on their favorite riders.

This quiz is a mine of information and fun questions about the Tour de France past and present.

Once you have done the quiz, challenge yourself further with this podcast which covers many of the same questions, so see if you can spot the vocabulary when it’s spoken.

TdF: Then & Now quiz


Anyone for tennis ?

Anyone for tennis ?

The tennis season is upon us, starting with Roland Garros, then Wimbledon, US Open and finally the Australian Open.

What do you know about the origins of tennis ? Do you know how the sport evolved ? Who has served the most aces ? What is the record for the longest match ever?

This quiz is full of fun facts to stimulate your curiosity and improve your English !

Anyone for tennis?

Numbers in Sport

Numbers in Sport

Numbers in Sport.

Numbers can be a difficult part of learning a new language.

New learners often confuse “hundreds” and “thousands”, “fifteen” and “fifty”, “half past six” with “six and a half hours” etc etc etc.

The only way to improve your number skills is with practice.

Start by learning important numbers for you: your age, your address, your phone number.

Then practice well known expressions such as “fifty-fifty”, “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”.

Also try this podcast in which Sue asks Chris 10 questions about numbers in sport.

You will need to listen several times; the first time you listen your main objective should be to focus on the numbers that Chris gives. Are you clear about 100s and 1000s ?  Can you recognize times ? Can you identity money quantities? What about dates ?

For the second time of listening,  focus on the questions and for the third time, just enjoy the conversation !

TRY THIS QUIZ IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE PODCAST: you will hear the same questions in the podcast as in the quiz. How many numbers can you recognize ? Practice saying all the numbers in the quiz and then listen again to the podcast. Your progress will be AMAZING !

Numbers in sport

After listening to the podcast try this quiz to consolidate your number skills. You can check your own answers with Chris' attempts.

What kind of language learner are you?

What kind of language learner are you?

What kind of language learner are you?

What kind of language learner are you?
We learn a new language because we want to, or need to communicate with other people either at work or in social situations and some just learn another language for fun.
Everybody learns differently; some people are more visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.
But what are the other qualities needed to successfully learn a new language ?
Intelligence, determination, social skills, risk-taking or a good memory ?
Try this questionnaire to see how your attitudes can affect the way you learn.
We don’t want to put you in pigeon-holed categories, but just highlight some difficulties and some possible solutions.

What type of language learner are you?


What’s an idiom ? Try this quiz to find out !

What’s an idiom ? Try this quiz to find out !

Test your knowledge of sporting idioms.

Welcome to your Test your knowledge of sporting idioms.

Sport is a huge part of British and all Anglo-Saxon culture and it is naturally reflected in the way we speak. We use expressions from boxing, horse racing, football, cricket and even card games to give our language more character and make it more interesting.

As a learner of English it's important to learn some idioms to be able to fit in more easily with the Anglo-Saxon culture.

Just in case you're wondering what an idiom is, take a look at this:

An idiom is a phrase or an expression that has a figurative, or sometimes literal, meaning. So you will see that these sporting idioms are based on real sports situations but the meaning has been transferred to non-sporting events, situations or feelings. While there are thousands of idioms, occurring frequently in all languages it is estimated that there are at least twenty-five thousand idiomatic expressions in the English language !

So "don't let the side down", "give it your best shot", try this quiz of just 18 questions to see just how useful it is to learn idioms. It could catapult your English into "a whole new ball game" !!!

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