Rugby World cup 2023: which player are you? Personality quiz.

Rugby World cup 2023: which player are you? Personality quiz.

Here at we like sport and especially rugby….. but what exactly are we talking about ??? Are you confused ? Do you need help ? Would like to know more ?  Don’t worry, this quiz will help to put you in the picture.

Learning about sport is an important way to expand vocabulary and improve your English.

In this wholly unscientific “tongue in cheek” quiz you will see a lot of new vocabulary, learn a little about rugby, think a lot about yourself and have some fun at the same time.

To mark the Rugby World Cup in France 2023 we have chosen 6 positions in a rugby team which need different physical and mental qualities. For each question you can pick a response and at the end you will see which position would best suit your personality……

Before you start take a look these key words:

This is a SCRUM. The term Scrum Master is also used in Agile Management.

This player is scoring a TRY, in other words he is placing the ball over his team’s scoring line. For a successful try the team is awarded 5 points. The team then has the opportunity to add 2 points by “converting” the try which means kicking the ball over bar and the between the posts, like this;


There are 15 positions in a rugby team, each player has a specific role and their names describe what these roles entail.  The names may look confusing but try to figure out what they mean. For this quiz we have chosen: the wing, the fly half, the scrum half, the flanker, the loosehead, and the hooker.

Which position in rugby best suits your personality ?

Are you Fast or Furious ?  Do you possess strength, endurance or speed ? Take the quiz to match your personality to the best rugby position for you !

For real rugby fans, try* (*no pun intended)  these other tough rugby knowledge quizzes……

England v Australia rugby quiz

The postponement of the England and France game could be a blow to the former's chances as they head into the quarter-finals potentially undercooked. England have not really been challenged so far in this World cup, with the greatest respect to the teams that they have already played.

That said, the Australians looked poor for most of the pool stage and with six losses in a row against England, they face an uphill task to progress. 

England will certainly fancy their chances in this one but must get off to a strong start which will knock the confidence of the Aussies and allow them to prevail.

All will be seen in the quarter final match on Saturday 19 October.

For now, let's see how much you know about this N°1 of sporting rivalry matches.

Rugby World cup England v Tonga quiz

England start their 2019 RWC campaign against Tonga on Sunday 22 September 2019, but how good are you at rugby trivia?

See how many you can get right in this quiz.

Rugby World cup England v USA quiz

Try your hand at this short quiz before the England v USA rugby match on Thurday 26 September.

How much do you know about the teams and the game?

Paris Olympic Games; Then and Now

Paris Olympic Games; Then and Now

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games are fast approaching.

Paris has hosted the Games on several occasions so now’s the time to find out more about it.

This quiz of 25 amazing questions will help you learn vocabulary, check grammar and above all amaze you with fun facts.

So, get on your marks….. ready, steady, GO !!

Paris Olympic Games; Then and Now

Where should you go on holiday in France?

Where should you go on holiday in France?

Let us give you a helping hand in choosing your French holiday destination.

We have devised 12 questions to help you decide from all the fantastic places in France where you should spend your holidays/vacation.

Of course it’s only a guide, you may have other ideas !

It should come as no surprise to know that France is the world’s most popular tourist destination. With 89 million visitors every year, France is a head and shoulders above Spain, which comes in second, receiving 82 million visitors per year. The number 3 spot goes to the USA with 78 million. These statistics confirm that France  has been the world’s first choice holiday destination for many years.


Well, you have a choice of mouthwatering food, medieval history, beaches, mountains, stunning landscapes, vineyards, wine, festivals and 44 UNESCO world heritage sites. 

So, how to choose where to go ? Try is fun quiz to give you some ideas.

Your holiday in France

Did you know that your personal tastes and interests reveal a lot about where you should holiday. Try this fun quiz about taking a vacation in France.  
A holiday guide to Australia; what to do and what to expect

A holiday guide to Australia; what to do and what to expect

Following the series of podcasts about Australia, this one is devoted to the best holiday things to do and to expect.

Is Australia on your bucket list ?

Over 5 million people visit Australia every year. It’s certainly a long way from everywhere, but is it worth making the effort to fly for hours to get there?

This podcast will outline the recommendations and some of the things to avoid.

Get into the mood with this quiz of general knowledge questions (questions 1-10), and then after listening check your comprehension with questions 11 to 20.

Australia Holiday Podcast Quiz

This quiz comprises of 10 general knowledge questions and 10 podcast comprehension questions.

If you would like extra help with your comprehension here is the Transcript for the podcast: A holiday guide to Australia

Have a good day Mate !

How to make your English colorful – use expressions and idioms!

How to make your English colorful – use expressions and idioms!

How colorful is your language ? Do you want to sound like a native speaker ? Well in that case, you better start using expressions and idioms to make your English come alive !

Idioms are a fun part of language learning and apart from giving colour and interest to your conversation they also add humour and flair to your language skills. 

So tune in to this podcast and listen as we test each other with 15 expressions, you’ll hear that some we know well and some we don’t know at all. 

We all have specific expressions to where we live, what are your favorite idioms in your language? Let us know we’d love to hear them.

You can check your comprehension of the podcast with this great quiz.

Expressions Comprehension Quiz


You can also build your stock of idioms with this quiz about sporting idioms.

 Go the extra mile and listen to this podcast about expressions which William Shakespeare coined back in the 17th century and we still use today.

Welcome to Toulouse, our home town. Episode 1

Welcome to Toulouse, our home town. Episode 1

As you probably know Toulouse in South West France is the home town of english-podcasts. So let us take you on a journey around this historical, beautiful  and gastronomic city.

This quiz is full of interesting and off-the-wall facts about the Pink City. You won’t know the answer to some of the questions but don’t worry take it as an opportunity to learn more  about Toulouse if you plan to spend a few days here. This is a Guide Book experience in a quiz !

Some of the questions refer to this video on our YouTube channel where we walked around the streets of Toulouse trying to find out the history behind these strange names. You can see Toulouse and the questions in the quiz will come to life.

Take a moment to think about these questions:

Why are there 2 names plaques on most of the streets?

What are the 2 languages that you can hear and see everywhere in Toulouse?

Who are the famous people who lived in Toulouse?

What are the famous landmarks that are a “must” to see?

The Guide Book Quiz which brings Toulouse to life



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