Life in Lockdown Personality Quiz

Life in Lockdown Personality Quiz

Life in Lockdown Personality Quiz: part 3 in our Covid-19 series

Try this light hearted quiz to see what personality you are ….. or what you have become in lockdown !

So, here we are over a month into lockdown, isolation, quarantine. Whatever you call it we are having to adjust to a daily life away from people with our normal routines being turned upside down.

So just how are you adjusting?

Are you enjoying it ? Are you going full steam ahead into new hobbies ? Are you against the lockdown ? Have you got into sport as a way of escaping the confines of your home? Are you a social media junkie ? Are you savoring the peace and quiet of it all ?

All this will be revealed to you in this totally unscientific quiz.

Have some fun and stay safe ! 

Life in Lockdown Quiz: What type of “confinee” are you ?

Which one of these 6 personality types are you..... or have you become due to the confines of lockdown?

This lighthearted, 100% non-scientific quiz may help you answer that burning question!


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The Quirky OSCARS 2020 Quiz

The Quirky OSCARS 2020 Quiz

The Quirky OSCARS 2020 Quiz

The red carpet, the sparkle, the dazzle…… it has to be the Oscars.

Nine films were nominated for Best Picture.

  • Ford v Ferrari
  • The Irishman
  • Jojo Rabbit
  • Joker
  • Little Women
  • Marriage Story
  • 1917
  • Parasite
  • Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

How many of these films did you see? Do you agree with the winners? Did any film standout for you ? Do you have other favorites ?

Try this quiz to test your knowledge of what actually happened.

The Quirky Oscars 2020 Quiz

Are you ready to walk the red carpet ? 

Of course try the other quizzes to test your knowledge of film vocabulary.


The Thinking Person’s Quiz of 2019

The Thinking Person’s Quiz of 2019

The Thinking Person’s Quiz of 2019

And so the year draws to an end…. and so does the decade !

We are constantly bombarded with news and social media events but how much can you actually remember?

This quiz takes a different angle on the traditional end of year quizzes……. we’re sure you know the answer to the straight forward questions but this Thinking Person’s Quiz goes beyond the surface and calls on your wider general knowledge skills, using mathematics, logic, history and of course English vocabulary !

This quiz covers geography, mathematics, English language, history, science, astronomy,  chemistry ….. in short, its the total Thinking Person’s Quiz and a great way to improve your general vocabulary.

If you are a teacher, or if you are doing this quiz with a friend, take your time to discus the events, give your opinion and reminisce about the events.

We wish all our learners a happy, positive and successful 2020.

The Thinking Person’s Quiz of the Year 2019



Friday the 13th Superstition Quiz

Friday the 13th Superstition Quiz

Friday the 13th Superstition Quiz

Are you superstitious ? Do you avoid walking under ladders ? Do you often cross your fingers ? Do you have any special rituals which bring you good luck ? Or do you think it’s just plain silly to let yourself be ruled by such irrational behavior?

Many people think that Friday the 13th is unlucky and indeed this fear even has a name: Triskaidekaphobia.

People who suffer from this phobia radically adapt their behavior, they don’t fly, don’t drive, don’t make any important decisions on that day.

But many other people believe that Friday the 13th is lucky. They buy lottery tickets, cross their fingers and believe in their good fortune.

There is no real scientific data to say one way or the other…. it just depends on how you look at life.

In this quiz we look at many other superstitions from all other the world. You may find them incredible, silly, irrational, contradictory or true ….. but whichever opinion you have, you’ll certainly learn some great vocabulary and that can only be a good thing !!

Friday the 13th Superstition Quiz

This quiz is full of great everyday vocabulary. We can't promise that you'll be lucky enough to come into money, but if you are superstitious, or not, you will certainly learn a lot and increase your vocabulary bank !

Cross your fingers and click on the start button.....Good Luck !!

Learn English with a  Rugby and Personality Quiz

Learn English with a Rugby and Personality Quiz

Here at we like sport and especially rugby….. but what exactly are we talking about ??? Are you confused ? Do you need help ? Would like to know more ?  Don’t worry, this quiz will help to put you in the picture.

Learning about sport is an important way to expand vocabulary and improve your English.

In this wholly unscientific “tongue in cheek” quiz you will see a lot of new vocabulary, learn a little about rugby, think a lot about yourself and have some fun at the same time.

To mark the Rugby World Cup in Japan 2019 we have chosen 6 positions in a rugby team which need different physical and mental qualities. For each question you can pick a response and at the end you will see which position would best suit your personality……

Before you start take a look these key words:

This is a SCRUM. The term Scrum Master is also used in Agile Management.

This player is scoring a TRY, in other words he is placing the ball over his team’s scoring line. For a successful try the team is awarded 5 points. The team then has the opportunity to add 2 points by “converting” the try which means kicking the ball over bar and the between the posts, like this;


There are 15 positions in a rugby team, each player has a specific role and their names describe what these roles entail.  The names may look confusing but try to figure out what they mean. For this quiz we have chosen: the wing, the fly half, the scrum half, the flanker, the loosehead, and the hooker.

Which position in rugby best suits your personality ?

Are you Fast or Furious ?  Do you possess strength, endurance or speed ? Take the quiz to match your personality to the best rugby position for you !

For real rugby fans, try* (*no pun intended)  these other tough rugby knowledge quizzes……

England v Australia rugby quiz

The postponement of the England and France game could be a blow to the former's chances as they head into the quarter-finals potentially undercooked. England have not really been challenged so far in this World cup, with the greatest respect to the teams that they have already played.

That said, the Australians looked poor for most of the pool stage and with six losses in a row against England, they face an uphill task to progress. 

England will certainly fancy their chances in this one but must get off to a strong start which will knock the confidence of the Aussies and allow them to prevail.

All will be seen in the quarter final match on Saturday 19 October.

For now, let's see how much you know about this N°1 of sporting rivalry matches.

Rugby World cup England v Tonga quiz

England start their 2019 RWC campaign against Tonga on Sunday 22 September 2019, but how good are you at rugby trivia?

See how many you can get right in this quiz.

Rugby World cup England v USA quiz

Try your hand at this short quiz before the England v USA rugby match on Thurday 26 September.

How much do you know about the teams and the game?

England v New Zealand Rugby Quiz

England v New Zealand Rugby Quiz

It’s the big one on Saturday 26 October 2019 – the semi finals of the Rugby World Cup with a mouth watering clash between England and New Zealand.

England and New Zealand go head to head for a place in the 2019 World Cup Final this weekend.

Saturday’s mammoth clash in Yokohama is the first between these two teams at rugby’s global showpiece since 1999, when the All Blacks won in a pool-stage encounter.

In fact, it is just the sixth time they have met since 2014, with that awesome, Manu Tuilagi-inspired 38-21 victory for England at Twickenham in 2012 now a fading memory.

Seeking a third successive world title, New Zealand topped Pool B and produced a typically devastating performance to beat Ireland 46-14 in the quarter-finals.

2003 champions England – embarrassed on home soil four years ago – also finished at the summit of their group, but were barely tested due to a combination of overmatched opposition, Typhoon Hagibis and Tomas Lavanini’s red card before an emphatic 40-16 defeat of old rivals Australia in Oita.

It was their first knockout victory at the World Cup since 2007.

Score prediction: England 17-30 New Zealand from The Telegraph

England v New Zealand Rugby Quiz

Saturday 26 October 2019 sees what has been called 'The final before the final' where England meet New Zealand in the semi finals of the 2019 Rugby World Cup - sure to be a huge game and a delight for neutrals.

The national rugby union teams of England and New Zealand have been playing each other in Test match rugby since 1905, and have contested a total of 38 Test matches since. The first meeting between the two nations was on 2 December 1905, when the All Blacks were in England as part of their European and North America tour. The All Blacks won 15–0.

Their next meeting was on the All Blacks' Invincibles tour of 1924–25. The match was most notable for the sending off of All Black lock Cyril Brownlie, who became the first player to ever be sent off in a Test match.

See how much you know about rugby trivia between these two teams.

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