Life in Lockdown Personality Quiz: part 3 in our Covid-19 series

Try this light hearted quiz to see what personality you are ….. or what you have become in lockdown !

So, here we are over a month into lockdown, isolation, quarantine. Whatever you call it we are having to adjust to a daily life away from people with our normal routines being turned upside down.

So just how are you adjusting?

Are you enjoying it ? Are you going full steam ahead into new hobbies ? Are you against the lockdown ? Have you got into sport as a way of escaping the confines of your home? Are you a social media junkie ? Are you savoring the peace and quiet of it all ?

All this will be revealed to you in this totally unscientific quiz.

Have some fun and stay safe ! 

Life in Lockdown Quiz: What type of “confinee” are you ?

Which one of these 6 personality types are you..... or have you become due to the confines of lockdown?

This lighthearted, 100% non-scientific quiz may help you answer that burning question!


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