Life in Lockdown Personality Quiz: part 3 in our Covid-19 series

Try this light hearted quiz to see what personality you became during the Covid 19 lockdowns.

Luckily the days of lockdown are over, but we all remember our experiences of it.

As a language learner, it’s a great topic to practice using verbs in the past tense. This quiz will provide you with plenty of useful vocabulary.

How did you adjust when “normal” life was turned upside down?

Did you enjoy it? Did you go full steam ahead into new hobbies ? Were you against the lockdown ? Did you get into sport as a way of escaping the confines of your home? Did you become a social media junkie ? Did you savor the peace and quiet of it all ?

All this will be revealed to you in this totally unscientific quiz.

Have some fun and stay safe ! 

Life in Lockdown Quiz: What type of “confinee” are you ?

Which one of these 6 personality types did you become during the Covid 19 lockdowns?

This lighthearted, 100% non-scientific quiz may help you answer that burning question!


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