Covid-19 series part 2: Australia and France, different lockdown situations

The virus COVID-19  is a pandemic which means that it is affecting countries all across the globe, but are they all responding in the same way ?

To find out we connected via Zoom with Laura who lives in Australia and Pierre who lives in France.

Listen to how Laura, who is living in Sydney, describes her “semi-lockdown” as compared to that in France.

Listen to Pierre, who describes his company’s policy to home working and working on site.

They both agree that the rules in both countries all seem a bit unclear.

As a learner you might find the clip a bit long, but remember that you can break it down into manageable sections (working from home, lockdown in Australia, what do you miss? What are the positives ?)

During the video you will see some questions which pop up regarding vocabulary and comprehension, you’ll find the answers  (and more questions) in this quiz.

COVID-19 lockdown in Australia and France.

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