Calculate your carbon footprint. Do you know how green you are?

Would you consider that you have a green lifestyle?

If you carried on living like as you are, how many planets would you need to sustain your current lifestyle?

What is your carbon footprint compared to the average person in Europe and in the world ?

Some countries are better at recycling than others, whereas other countries produce a lot of waste but have a low carbon footprint due to low personal car use. What is the situation is your country ?

Are there things that you can and need, to change about your way of life to become more green?

In this podcast  listen in particular to how Sue asks the questions and how Chris answers them. Then click on the link to try the WWF questionnaire yourself to see how you measure up; The Footprint challenge.

Since we did the podcast the WWF questions have changed a little. Can you spot the difference ?

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