Welcome to your The Brainy Global News Challenge 22nd September 2017

We all keep an ear on the news but can you really recollect last week's events?

Try this quiz which GOES BEYOND THE HEADLINES and will test just how brainy you are !

GEOGRAPHY: Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico this week and knocked out the entire country's power supply. Where exactly is Puerto Rico?

FAMILY: A spokesperson for the British royal family announced that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her third child. What is the Duchess' family relationship to the Queen?

TELEVISION: This week the television drama series The Handmaid's Tale won the EMMY for the best TV series of 2017. This award which honours television programmes dates back to 1949. Why are these awards called the EMMYs ?

VOCABULARY:  The name of John Lennon was in the news this week when his widow objected to a brand of lemonade taking the name John "Lemon".

John Lennon first became famous for being a member of the group The Beatles. What does the word beatle actually mean ?

LITERATURE: This week a new polymer Ten Pound note entered into circulation in the UK. The novelist Jane Austin is the featured character on the note. What is the name of her famous book which has also been made into many films?

PHOTOGRAPHY: The Quebec language watchdog office (OQLF) softened its strict rules this week by allowing the word "grilled cheese" to be used in the province. However, the word "selfie" is still not allowed. What is the acceptable word for "selfie" in Quebec?

ARITHMETIC: Mark Beaumont cycled around the world in 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes creating a new world record. His intention was to cover an average  of 390km (240 miles) a day. How did he arrive at this calculation?

TAXATION: This week the Dutch government raised the tourist tax by two percent in order to reduce the number of noisy tourists. Calculate the new price for a hotel costing 126 euro a night.

HISTORY: Following the controversy in the United States about removing statues of people who no longer represent current values, a British journalist called for the famous Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square to be removed because Lord Nelson was in fact a slave owner and supported the slave trade in the 18th century. Why was such a big statue erected to honour Lord Nelson in the first place?   

SOCIAL MEDIA: The President of the United States likes to Tweet. This week amongst his many tweets he tweeted:

"I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!"

What is the content size limit in a tweet ?
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