Drones handle with care

Drones handle with care

Drones handle with care as they are used in many contexts from military uses to leisure and for fun.

But are they just dangerous toys or just accidents waiting to happen?

There have been many stories and reports of drone near-misses and accidents involving aircraft and one even landed on The White House lawn.

A drone that can be bought on the high street can weigh up to 1.5 Kg and fly at speeds up to 20 meters a second (72 km / hour) at heights reaching 6,000 meters and a maximum distance of 16 kilometers.

So, it can be very dangerous, if not used with care and within the legal restrictions, which varies from country to country.

Drones handle with care!

Listen to the podcast about the rules for flying a drone in France and what purposes that drones can be used for.

Later, we will be going out flying a drone and posting the pictures and videos on EFLPodBlog.

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