As you probably know Toulouse in South West France is the home town of english-podcasts. So let us take you on a journey around this historical, beautiful  and gastronomic city.

This quiz is full of interesting and off-the-wall facts about the Pink City. You won’t know the answer to some of the questions but don’t worry take it as an opportunity to learn more  about Toulouse if you plan to spend a few days here. This is a Guide Book experience in a quiz !

Some of the questions refer to this video on our YouTube channel where we walked around the streets of Toulouse trying to find out the history behind these strange names. You can see Toulouse and the questions in the quiz will come to life.

Take a moment to think about these questions:

Why are there 2 names plaques on most of the streets?

What are the 2 languages that you can hear and see everywhere in Toulouse?

Who are the famous people who lived in Toulouse?

What are the famous landmarks that are a “must” to see?

The Guide Book Quiz which brings Toulouse to life



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