American elections are a strange mix of tradition (starting with the town hall caucuses), show biz (have you seen all those balloons?), big money (no limit) and general craziness to us outsiders. And now in 2020 skullduggery is in the mix too !

Want to know what it’s all about ? This quiz will help to put things straight.

Do you know ……

Do you know how many presidents were never elected ?

The American election is well underway, with millions of votes cast already…. do you know how many ?

Do you know how many other people are running for president besides Joe Biden and Donald Trump?

Fake news is in abondance in the 2020 election, but some facts still remain the same…. just check out this quiz !

Fake news or Fact Quiz

How much do you know about American elections? How much is fake news and how much is fact ? 

Voting has already started and the final vote will take place on Tuesday 3rd November 2020.

Try out this quiz to see how much you really know !

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